Cancer Fertility Preservation

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Today, many options exist for fertility preservation; your cancer diagnosis doesn’t need to ruin your dreams of having children. ReproMed Fertility Center works in coordination with oncologists to form a personalized fertility preservation plan. Based on oncologists recommendations. There is no significant delay in your cancer treatment as the entire fertility preservation process can be completed in as little as two weeks.

Many cancer patients are still being poorly counseled with regard to the impact of the purposed treatment on their future fertility and  their options for fertility preservation. We urge you to ask your oncologist about fertility preservation, also please contact us, we are here to provide assistance, answer your questions or explain your options.

Treatment Cost

ReproMed Fertility Center is dedicated to making sure the cost of fertility preservation is as low as possible for cancer patients. ReproMed Fertility believes that neither cancer nor finances should be a barrier to your dream of children and family. Please call our office for more information or to discuss your situation and what we can do to further assist you.

Preservation Options

Embryo Preservation This is the most popular method of preservation because of its high success rate. The egg harvesting procedure is an outpatient surgical procedure that can be performed at ReproMed Fertility Center.

Embryo Preservation Process First daily injections of synthetic hormones are taken for up to two weeks after starting your period, these injections stimulate your ovaries, increasing the chance that several eggs can be collected. Eggs are then harvested from your ovaries, are mixed with your partner’s or a donor’s cleaned sperm and then the embryos are frozen, labeled, and stored safely.

Freezing Eggs A more modern advanced technique, egg freezing is not practiced by all fertility doctors because of the complex laboratory techniques that are needed when using frozen unfertilized eggs for future use. At our Dallas fertility center, we can freeze eggs to help protect and preserve them before you undergo cancer treatment therapy. Very similar to egg harvesting, this surgical procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.

Sperm Freezing By extracting semen directly from the testicles, or through a sperm sample; ReproMed Fertility Center can collect, clean, and store samples of your sperm for several years. We usually collect numerous samples over the span of two days to insure quality and quantity. The sperm can be combined with a retrieved egg before freezing takes place, or can be stored and frozen separately.

Egg Donation As one of the leading egg donation centers in Dallas, ReproMed Fertility Center can assist couples dealing with infertility to explore all options, which can include the use of an egg donor for IVF.

Contact Us Today!

To learn more about egg donation, contact ReproMed Fertility Center in Dallas. Let us help you explore your options before you give up on having children. Our desire is to restore and increase your chance for having a child. We look forward to meeting you, hearing your unique story, and configuring a plan that will effectively meet your needs.

Advantages of Egg Freezing

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is a group of medical treatments that aid in the achievement of pregnancy when you face problems conceiving. Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, plays an integral role in ART in allowing you to preserve your eggs for later use.


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